The Italian Food

When most people think about the Italian food, they think of pizza, pasta and delicious breads. But the Italian food is much more than thin-crust pizza and mozzarella. Sure, the famous dishes you’ve grown to love are all delicious, and most can be found around the different cities in Italy, but each region in Italy has its own unique food, and is just as wonderful the Italian food you know and love.

Let’s start with Rome, one of the top stops for tourists in Italy and a perfect example of where you can get some of the Italian food you already love plus other food unique to Rome. Spaghetti is plentiful in Rome and Spaghetti alla Carbonara, spaghetti served with a tomato meat sauce, is a big hit. Pizza is also equally as popular, and can be found infused with garlic and rosemary. Much of the Italian food in Rome is spiked with Pecorino, a white, sharp sheep-milk cheese. Although like in most of Italy, the Italian food in Rome is made up of fresh vegetables and fish, they also have their fair share of flavorful, fried food. Fried appetizers stuffed with zucchini or cod are a delicious, crispy way to start an Italian meal.

The Italian food that is a staple throughout the country is fish.Due to its pristine coastal location, fresh fish is served all over Italy and one food not to be missed. In Cinque Terre, along the Italian Riviera, travelers can feast on fresh caught fish and locally popular anchovies. The food in Cinque Terre is somewhat similar to the Italian food you will find in most of Liguria. Like in most of Liguria, pesto is very common and incorporated into much of the food. Grapes are also cultivated in Cinque Terre, which accounts for the local wines of the names Cinque Terre and Sciachetrà.

You can’t try the Italian food without trying the Italian wine, and there is plenty of it. The low cost of Italian wine can be somewhat shocking to Americans, sometimes less expensive than water! But don’t let the low price of wine distract your taste buds; the wine in Italy is famous worldwide for a reason. Many regions in Italy cultivate great wine that serves as a perfect accompaniment to most of the Italian food. Chianti is one of the top wine regions in Italy and produces the famous Chianti of Tuscany.

Another popular drink in Italy is limoncello. After the Italian food is served, the Italian dessert is served, or more likely than dessert, espresso or limoncello. This sweet, lemon-infused liquor is very popular throughout Italy, and even more so along the Amalfi Coast where these large-sized lemons are cultivated and used in much of the Italian food. These sweet lemons are responsible for the delicious limoncello here and other lemon-infused sweets sold in local pastry shops and all over Italy.

Not to finish without mentioning pizza, the Italian food most known and loved. Born in Naples, and served all over Italy, you can’t leave without ordering a slice of pizza

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