Naples is a mix between rugged, urban streets and chic waterfront luxury. As one of the largest cities in Italy, and the most likely starting point for international travelers vacationing along the Amalfi Coast and Capri, Naples receives a steady traffic of visitors. Positioned along the Bay of Naples in Southern Italy, Naples’ port is full with ferries embarking nearby destinations, such as Sorrento. Naples is the capital of the region of Campania and one of the most populated metropolitan cities in Italy.

Don’t be discouraged by the grungy, graffiti filled streets of Naples. Though, like most urban cities, Naples has its share of mishap and crime, it is equally full of culture and delicious pizza and unlike anywhere else in Italy.

One of the top attractions in Naples is Spaccanapoli. Spaccanapoli is a main street in Naples starting at Piazza Gesù Nuovo and passing through some of the top sights in Naples, such as the Church of Sant'Angelo a Nilo and Piazzetta del Nilo. While walking along Spaccanapoli, also known as Via San Biagio, you will come across many shops and historic churches and buildings. Spaccanapoli is the heart of the historic district of Naples and a great place to spend a casual afternoon. For a culinary treat, pop in Scaturcio, a popular pastry shop where you can try some of the desserts typically eaten in Naples, such as babba or sfogliatelle.

Speaking of food… As the birthplace of pizza, you will not want to leave Italy without grabbing a slice (or pie) while in Naples. Many restaurants will boast their perfect pizza. Make sure the one you choose bakes its pizza in a wood-burning oven so you can experience the authentic pizza of Naples.

Other musts while in Naples include The National Archaeological Museum of Naples, the Duomo of Naples, and the world’s oldest opera house, Teatro San Carlo.

There are also many opportunities to take daytrips to surrounding attractions in Naples and explore other parts of Italy. Some of the most recommended Naples excursions are to Capri, the Amalfi Coast, Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius. If relaxing ocean-side is right up your alley, then hop on a ferry and head to the beautiful Amalfi Coast. A day trip to Capri is also a low-cost, enjoyable way to experience the island. Embark for Capri from the port of Naples. While in Capri you can soak up breathtaking views of the island from the top of Monte Solare and lunch in a lovely café along the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Others looking for history and adventure while in Italy can head to Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii, both just outside of Naples. Travelers can climb to the top of Mount Vesuvius, the only active volcano on Europe’s mainland, and explore the area around Mount Vesuvius, which was declared a national park in just the last ten years. Outside of Mount Vesuvius, you can experience Pompeii, one of the cities that were destroyed after Mount Vesuvius erupted in AD 79. A trip to Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii is a wonderful idea while in Naples. You won’t want to miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity on your travels to Italy

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