Sanremo, or San Remo, is a “City of Flowers” on the northwest coast of Italy. Sanremo is one of the top vacation spots on the Italian Riviera, located in Liguria, between the French border and Genoa. Sanremo picked up its nickname of the “City of Flowers” from the array of flowers that are grown there. Roses and carnations flourish in Sanremo and are then distributed around Italy and all over Europe.

Home to many famous cultural sporting events, such as the Sanremo Music Festival and the Milan – Sanremo Cycling Classic. Sanremo is famous throughout Italy for its many musical festivals, from rock to opera, held throughout the year. Music is one of the many attractions for visitors heading to Sanremo.

The weather in Sanremo is relatively mild compared to some places in Italy. However high season is still June, July and August. Expect for larger and crowds and more expensive accommodations in Sanremo during these months. A few of the top attractions in Sanremo are the gardens, La Pigna, Madonna della Costa Sanctuary and the Sanremo Casino.

There are many beautiful gardens in Sanremo and with a name like “City of Flowers” you would assume so. Some of the more popular gardens are near Porto Sole and go by the names of Villa Ormond Gardens, Villa Zirio Gardens and Villa Nobeland Palazzo Bellevue Gardens. Another one of the more popular gardens is on top of a hill near La Pigna, the Gardens of Queen Elena.

La Pigna is one of the top attractions in Sanremo because it is the city’s oldest section. Many of the old churches, buildings and piazzas have been restored in La Pigna because of how dated they are. One of the main attractions in La Pigna is the Madonna della Costa Sanctuary. The sanctuary lies on the top of a hill in La Pigna and can be seen around Sanremo. This seventeenth century sanctuary is made up of intricate design and statues and painting as old as the sanctuary itself. Lots of history lies within La Pigna and a tour of the area is an interesting way to spend some of your time in Sanremo.

For those looking for a dose of nightlife should head to the Sanremo Casino. For some, the Sanremo Casino is one of the top attractions in Sanremo. The Sanremo Casino is a beautiful, historic building, which also holds an Opera Theater where the Symphonic Orchestra performs. Located in the city center, the Sanremo Casino is an excellent stop for history and entertainment, however don’t expect the extravagance you may find in a casino in America.

Although all of these attractions are worth experiencing while in Sanremo, one cannot forget a trip along the beach. A sunset on the Italian Riviera is an incomparable one and a perfect end to a relaxing day traveling Italy. Do as most do while in Italy, stop for a gelato, and soak in the peaceful tranquility of being beachside in Sanremo

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