If you are looking for a little bit of everything while in Italy, then Sicily may be the place for you. The island of Sicily offers beautiful beaches, an active volcano, and breathtaking mountains. Whether you travel to Sicily to find adventure or relaxation either is possible on this Italian island.

The island of Sicily is the largest in the Mediterranean. Located just southwest of southern Italy and north of Africa, Sicily and its smaller surrounding islands form the Sicilian Autonomous Region, an autonomous region of Italy.

Many tourists travel to Sicily for an island getaway and to spend time at one of the lovely beach towns, but others prefer to take a historic tour of the region. In Sicily, there is much to see and do. Many unique cities offer travelers a plethora of attractions and entertainment. Let’s take the capital of Sicily, Palermo, for example. This lively city has many historic and archaeological sites, as well as the famous Vucciria Market. Palermo is also home to one of the top sights in Sicily, Palermo’s Opera House. Here, music, ballet and opera performances are held, as well as popular festivals. Palermo’s Opera House is considered to be one the highest regarded opera houses in Italy. With so much to do in Sicily it can be overwhelming. Luckily there are many well-planned tours of the region which makes travel to Sicily easy as torta!

The beaches in Sicily are a must for those looking to relax and enjoy the beautiful beach towns of Sicily. There are many beach destinations in Sicily to travel to and some of the best are: Mortelle, located on the northeast of the island and known for some of the best sand in the area, Lido Mazzarò, Hollywood’s favorite beach, and Giardini-Naxos, known for its wonderful restaurants and excellent swimming. There are many more beach towns in Sicily, each boasting different attributes. For a truly unique experience head to this beach, Spiaggia Sabbie Nere, where the sand is black, earning it its nickname “Black Sands Beach.”

The cuisine in Sicily is very unique compared to that of Italy. We are talking about Sicilian cuisine not Italian cuisine after all. Influenced by the cuisine of nearby Italy, Greece, and Africa, gives Sicilian cuisine its special touch. As one may expect, fresh fish is very popular Sicily and often served as the main course. Many dishes are infused with lemon and garnished with almond. Out of all the Sicilian cuisine, the desserts may be the most popular. Look forward to dining on delicious cuisine while you travel in Sicily and if you have any interest in Sicilian wine, travel to Marsala. Marsala is the main wine-region in Sicily and also has a few historic sights worth seeing while in the area. 

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